A Special Development Article

Group Leaders are Special People

Which Group Leader do you think is planning to take his Group overseas and build a Scout Hall? This Leader has been a Cub Leader, Scout Leader and is currently a Group Leader and occasionally assists the Training Team. This Leader also looks after the content on the Branch Cub and Training Team websites.

Our second Group Leader this month although still in training, already has her name up in lights – well maybe not in lights but certainly in big letters up outside the hall. This Leader is working with an energetic Group Committee and is keen to provide the best facilities for her blended Group.

Can you identify these Group Leaders????

Advertising Special Groups in Schools

This term workshops and assembly presentations are being offered to schools in Limestone Plains Region. This Region is home to our oldest Groups – First Canberra, 13th Canberra and 19th Canberra as well as Majura Mountain Scouts, Duntroon Campbell and Police Scouts.

The Especially Numbered Scout Groups

First Canberra Scout Group was originally registered on 27 January 1917 as “The First Canberra Federal Scout Troop”. Since then with its royal blue scarf and gold trim, it has amalgamated with 1st Turner and 9th Canberra. After a fire destroyed the hall the Group rebuilt and opened a new hall in 1976.

First Canberra is our first registered Scout Group but did you know that 1st Ainslie met as an unregistered Group in 1915/16? Thanks to the work of Brenda de Bes, we have scarves and details of most groups formed in the ACT.

Special Scarf Quiz

Can you match these numbered Canberra scarves?

First Canberra

gold scarf two black stripes

13th Canberra

yellow scarf two emerald stripes

19th Canberra

royal blue scarf gold stripe

Sadly one of Limestone Plains most colourful scarves is no longer registered with a Group. It was a Prince Charles Edward Stuart tartan and was registered from 1958-1975. It was ?thCanberra. Can you supply the number?

So What’s Special About Your Scout Group?

Often when I am talking with Groups before a recruitment drive I ask, “What is special about your Group? Why would people want to join your Group?” Sometimes we focus so much on what we don't have ie Leaders, funds, etc that we fail to see just what treasures we do have.

When potential members arrive, have some evidence handy – some pictures or a person that can show and tell what the Group have been up to. Apart from the great things that are happening in your Group don't forget the Scout Jamboree this December and the Cuboree in January 2008.

Often Groups will have a special information pack that explains not just how much there is to pay but some of the excitement that you can look forward to if you join plus a list of people to contact for more information.

Your Group scarf and its history are also part of what makes your Group special. How are your Group records organised? Do you know your Group's history? Why not look up your Group next time you are in the Branch Office? After all you do belong to the largest youth development organisation in the world – and that's special!

Peter Harris
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